Please note that your insurance plan will ultimately determine your financial responsibility. Any medical procedure performed will be billed to your insurance company. However, you may be responsible for all or a part of the charges, based on your insurance policy and deductible plan. We are not able to inform you of your final financial responsibility before the claim has been processed by your insurance company.
It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to confirm that our office accepts your insurance plan and to be aware of any restrictions, limitations, and requirements outlined by your insurance company. Our staff cannot check nor confirm eligibility for our patients.
When selecting a dermatologist for your care, whether it be medical or cosmetic dermatology, look for an experienced board certified dermatologist. A board certified dermatologist has completed medical school in addition to 3 to 4 years of specialized training in dermatology. Dr. Saghari is a board certified dermatologist, completed a fellowship training in cosmetic dermatology, and is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology.
We still require patients to wear masks at all times when in the common area and require temperature checks upon arrival. You may take off your mask when in the exam room with no other patients around. We are not overbooking patients to enforce social distancing and prevent overcrowding within the office. We sanitize each exam room after each and every patient. If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please notify our staff and we will happily reschedule you. We thank you for adherence to our policies as we take every possible precaution to minimize risk for our patients.
Due to the system we use, all patient forms are done on an iPad upon patient arrival. Therefore, please arrive early to your appointment time to ensure enough time to check in and as not to cut into your appointment time.